My story

Who am I ?
Hello, I am Rym, a citizen of the world: been on 5 continents, 30+ countries, 70+ cities... and I am always hungry for more! 
I really don't like talking about myself much, especially on the account of this brand, because this brand is all about you 😊 But I wanted you to get to know me a little so I am writing this 🤗     
My favorite things in the world: sunny days, seaside places, good books, good coffee, airplane window seats, and yoga.                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Fun facts about me:
- I can speak 3 languages and they all get mixed up in my head, so I can use all 3 languages in 1 sentence (Arabic, English, French); everyone around me finds it hard to keep up with me 🤣
- I failed 8 times to get my driving license!  I only got it on the 9th time ! But trust me, my sewing skills are much better than my driving skills! haha
Why am I doing this?

I am simply doing this because for me, it's fun! I enjoy the process of creating and making a garment... So much that sewing for myself isn't enough.. I want to share it with the world! It's a pleasure to bring my vision to life, and I would love to connect with those who appreciate handmade fashion.

How did I start sewing?

A few years ago, I was living in Sydney and getting ready to marry the love of my life. My favorite thing after work became to look for my wedding dress, either online or in a bridal store. I got the chance to try dreamy dresses, and I fell in love with all the fabrics, the beads, the lace, the cuts I was seeing.. I was so blown away by it all that it I felt inspired, and I wanted to learn how to make clothing.. just like that.. haha                                                                                                      
I took classes for 4 months, and learned the very basics. And a few weeks into it, I challenged myself to create 4 matching dresses for my cousins to wear at my wedding! It was super stressful (like I needed more stress as a bride 🤣) but I eventually did it. It was not perfect but I was so proud 🥲                                                 
From that point on, I never stopped improving my skills. It took a lot of time, tears, trial and error. I did not give up. Making clothes started to feel so right for me.. It was giving me so much joy, and it allowed me to add some manual work into my computer work life (I am a supply chain engineer). I started getting orders from family and friends, and last year I made 2 wedding dresses 🥲 I am very excited now to start this new chapter that I named "The Boho Besties"!                                                                             
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